Colibri Santa Clara Valley Rose

Clos LaChance is a family owned, operated and certified sustainable winery.  The winery’s logo is a hummingbird, a well-respected and favored bird as it is territorial and keeps other harmful birds away from the ripening grapes. Beyond its useful nature, the hummingbird is also aesthetically pleasing and in honor of this prized bird, Colibri, (which means “hummingbird” in French) was created.


Colibri Rosé

Colibri Rose Bottle

Colibri Dry Rosé was produced from primarily old-world style head trained Grenache vines. The wine was produced from select reserve blocks on the Clos LaChance Estate vineyard in the Santa Clara Valley, located in the northern region of the Central Coast AVA.  This region is known for its ideal growing temperatures and similarities to the Rhône Valley itself.  The grapes chosen for this Rosé wine were strictly Rhône valley descendants and farmed sustainably for ultra-premium wines. 

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Blend: 65% Grenache, 30% Cinsault, 3% Syrah, 2% Pinot Noir

Aged: 100% Stainless Steel

Alcohol %: 13.0%

Color: Rose water

Aroma: Honeydew Melon, Rose petal, strawberry

Structure: Light body, medium acidity

Flavors: Watermelon, strawberry, minerality

Pairings: Strawberry salad, sushi, brie