22 Pirates Central Coast Red Blend

22 Pirates Red Blend

Central Coast

22 Pirates is a global adventure in a bottle, traveling the Rhone region in France to California’s Central Coast. Famous for producing award-winning wines, the Rhone Region celebrates 22 different varieties of grapes. Several pioneers brought Rhone grapes to California, where they flourished. We developed the 22 Pirates Brand to represents one pirate for each of the Rhone varieties. 22 Pirates is exciting Red Rhone Blend that will stay the course – vintage to vintage. “What’s the blend?”, you ask. Sorry pirates never tell! Only our swashbuckling winemaker has the creative liberty to craft his treasure.

22 Pirates embodies both the bold independence of California with the elegant sophistication of the Rhone Valley. From barrel to bottle the spirit of 22 Pirates seduces your senses; filled with exceptionally crafted wine and packaged for interactive fun. Every bottle introduces you to a different member of the crew with a customized cork listing his name and role aboard the ship. We challenge you to “Grab Yer Cork”, visit our website and “Find Ye Pirate” to learn your pirate’s personal tale. The label is an original artwork created by a French painter named Francois-Auguste Biard in 1855. Biard’s work tells the tale of treachery, as the thieving crew lures a passing ship to come closer with the promise of companionship and music. Completely unaware those are not women or fanciful passengers, but a crew lying in wait. Adventure, peril, and impending mayhem…just a day in the life of a pirate!

People have been making wine for thousands of years and they didn’t have computers, fancy gadgets or premium enological tools, they had passion and excitement for what they were doing. We try to channel that thought with 22 Pirates, we get out of the way and let the grapes tell the story.”  Jason Robideaux, Winemaker, Clos LaChance Vineyards

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Blend: 62% Syrah, 24% Petite Sirah, 10% Carignane, 4% Grenache

The 2019 22 Pirates wine was was sourced from throughout California. Pain staking trials and blending went in to the creation of the highest quality final product possible. The grapes are sources from sustainably farmed vineyards and given ultra-premium style winemaking techniques to ensure the utmost quality. The grapes are given extended cold soaking prior to fermentation and extended maceration post fermentation for maximum extraction of color and fermentation to aid in the extraction process and provide a clean fermentation to maintain quality. Once finished, the wines are aged in premium French oak for 12-18 months prior to final blending and bottling.

Tasting Notes
Color: Dark garnet
Aromas: Milk chocolate truffle, caramel, baking spice
Flavors: Dark plum, blackberry, and medium tannins
Structure: Heavy body, medium tannins, long finish
Pairing: Beef Stroganoff, Lasagna, Bison Burgers

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